While Rebuild the Sky is written and drawn by Carrie Bear and Lulu Bee, other artists have been commissioned to help flesh out the characters and world. Below is a list of the contributors with links to their preferred portfolios. Please go give them the praise they deserve and consider commissioning your own pieces as well!

Anniku Pineda

Anniku is our main artist. She’s has worked with us on Sky since 2017 and you’ve probably seen her work even if you didn’t realize it was her.

Instagram | Patreon

Valentine Chopine

Valentine has done work for our gallery, as well as prints for our second Kickstarter.

Twitter | Instagram | Homepage


Boya has done work for our gallery, as well as prints.

Instagram | Patreon

Joel – Wayriding

Joel has contributed several illustrations to this project, including the Perfect Man banner/icon you’ve seen on various platforms.

Instagram | Tumblr | Patreon

Ronald Kuang – Seerlight

Ronald was our colorist on two issues of Broken Stars, and has done a number pieces of art for us, including covers and banners.

Portfolio | Instagram | Facebook | DeviantArt

Alaina – cinna_mart

Alaina has drawn the character profiles found on the Cast page.

Instagram | Tumblr


Like most artists, we use references while drawing this comic. We’ve done our best to cite all our references on the pinboard below.