Keahi Parr

Keahi Parr is the Golden Prince of the Imperium, much to his dismay. His right hand has been changed by the Maelstrom, turning him into the greatest weapon in the empire. He’s quite proud of his reputation as a playboy and wears it like a badge — if only because it means people aren’t talking about his attempted desertion five years ago.

Vorca Mihu

Vorca is the Head Observer of the Empress’s Imperial Spy Network. Like Keahi, he has been modified by the Maelstrom into an energy-sniffing bloodhound.

Gareth Sonder

Gareth is the Commander of the United Imperial Forces. A Shell, he has unfaltering loyalty to the Empress (because it is physically impossible for him to go against her will).


Like Keahi and Vorca, Chilali has been exposed to the Maelstrom. Unlike Keahi and Vorca, she has defected. Chi has no body of her own and usually hops from shell to shell, making her hard to track.


Orphaned through murder and mental illness, River left her home planet to start a better life for her younger brother, Philo. Her past haunts her, however, and a voice in her mind tells her that she’s still not safe.


River’s baby brother, Philo is a street rat who grew up without a roof over his head. He’s having trouble adjusting to his new home.




The Imperium

The collection of planets and peoples that are loyal to the Empress. They worship her as a goddess, believing that she can bring about a wholeness and unity through the Maelstrom — the energy the Abielle has collected by separating humans from their souls — and they wish to bring this enlightenment to the universe. If Abielle is the queen bee, the citizens of the Imperium are the workers and drones of the hive, existing only to serve her at the cost of themselves.



An alliance of planets and colonies that seek to end the Empress’ reign. They don’t have a central government, opting instead for a governing council with representatives of each member. Their military is a ragtag group of mostly minutemen, though the upper ranks are filled with career military. They’re unified under a single banner, but that’s about the only thing on them that matches. Recent decades saw the leader of the military fall to the Imperium and Concordia has yet to fully recover.



These are neutral planets and colonies who have yet to join a side in the war, or have officially declared they want no part of it. They offer safe haven for those from both sides of the conflict and won’t stand for any spillover of the war on their soil. This, of course, opens them up to a variety of covert operations and attacks from those with different agendas.



These are people who have been made void by the Empress. Their souls have been taken and have no will of their own. Without direct input, they literally do nothing and have no sense of self-preservation. They can be programmed to do certain tasks. If they are captured by rebels, they go into a comatose state which they cannot awaken from until they are reprogrammed at one of the Empress’ facilities.